summer time with old digital camera

This was kind of exciting, because when I’ve switched to analog cameras, I was pretty much sure I am not really interested in having pictures using the modern digital cameras. Canon R6 which I own is mostly dedicated to work, I am not using it all for family photos, trips etc.

Looks like my journey with analog cameras is evolving and I am looking wider for other cameras (not only analog) which have something to offer with very specific, oldschool colors. Surprisingly old CCD matrix cameras can give you a great analog-colors effect, that’s why I bought Sigma DP1, which is from 2008 and which is horribly slow. Exc ept that one I also bought Olympus XZ-1 which is 15 yo camera, but comparing to Sigma: it’s a speed demon!

Here are some effects from Olympus, which is only 10Mpix matrix, 15 yo but still have this great colors, thanks to CCD Matrix and I had to pay less than 100 EUR. Here are some sample photos from our family trip to south side of Poland.

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