Montjuic, flan and sangria

Hola Catalunya!

This was my second time in Barcelona. Place which is basically really close to where I live, but at the same so far away from everything I know and understand. Both good and bad at the same time.

Prepare yourself for more than 30 images I had a pleasure to made, showing what Barcelona is really. I hope I achieved that plan, did I?

Narrow (scary) streets

This is something I was unconfortable from the beggining. Due to the fact how city is being planned, there are plenty of narrow, long streets between the buildings.

From one hand you see a balconies which are being used for ordinary people, who are living there, but surprisingly not only. 

It was a big deal to me, to see in the most shady street we walked through suddenly there are fancy restaurants and shops, fully of people, where you could barely see anyone in the street.

This was a kind of shocking paradox to me.

Montjuic, Sangria and Patatas Bravas

Even tho we were having our hotel 50m next to Las Ramblas  I think this was absolutely overrated. We’ve already knew that we should not eat anything there, since the quality would be fairly low and Barcelona has more to offer, we fell in love with Montjuic.

There is a great restaurant next to the swimming pools with ordinary Sangria (absolutely stunning) and surprisingly with great food too. Patatas Bravas nad Iberic ham croquettes forever in my heart. All in SALTS Montjuic.

Bodega Iberia

First day we went to La Barcelonetta (seriosly overrated) but we found a great place to try Tapas. We spent a great time in Bodega Iberia, just next to the beach. We met really kind and open waiter, who was a huge football supporter. 

He told us that RCD Espanyol is way better than FC Barcelona 😉


We had some doubts if it’s really worth to visit Barcelona’s zoo. If you would have the same doubts then I can assure you it’s definitely worth. Especially with the kids.

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed Barcelona. Definitely great place because of the weather (this changes everything). Unfortunately we were not feeling safe there, luckily only in specific areas mostly (El Raval). This is probably the price of visiting big city, still, our wallets and photo gear stays where it should. 

Still definitely I liked the place.

PSST. One more thing. Which photo you liked best?

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