We’re Joanna and Sebastian Łubik [wuː biː k].

The idea for Woobeekee is coming from our surname Łubik (plular Łubiki) [wuː biː kee]. This is the place where we finally can store our pics made with analog and digital cameras, without any shady algorithms, to decide what to show and what not. We really hope you enjoy our space.

If you would like to reach out here is the address: hi@woobeekee.pics

Joanna's gear

  • Olympus mju
  • Fuji X100T
  • Polaroid Now+

Seb's gear

  • Olympus mju II
  • Mamiya 645 1000s + Sekor 80mm f2.8
  • Konica Hexar AF
  • Nikon Coolpix A
  • Fujifilm X-T3
  • Sigma DP1
  • Leica Z2X
  • Yashica T AF
  • Olympus XZ-1
  • Nikon FE2
  • Nikon L35AF

Magazine made for you.


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